Once we own the rights to a brand, there are many ways to take it to market. We've implemented a number of different strategies, from licensing, to supplier relationships, to retail alliances. Moving forward, however, we are particularly interested in leveraging brand equity and creating new value by utilizing our brands as the foundation for new operating ventures. We believe that great brands, great management teams and great development partners comprise a powerful combination, when smartly brought together.

River West's role entails more than just ring leading. We typically back our enterprises with seed capital in addition to plenty of "sweat equity," not to mention preliminary research and development, best practices on the art and science of brand revitalization, access to our relationships at retail, and access to a deep well of world-class creative talent.

A successful incubation process at River West is at its core a process of transformation. Sleepy trademarks become the roots of well planned, well developed, and superbly led new enterprises, ready for launch.

Case Study: EAGLE Snacks
In 2005, River West Brands formed Reserve Brands LLC for the purposes of acquiring rights to the famous EAGLE Snacks brand from Procter & Gamble Co. With hands-on support from River West, the dedicated EAGLE team, led by consumer food/packaged goods expert (and former River West EVP) Scott Lazar as Reserve’s new Chief Executive Officer, researched and developed a highly innovative product lineup and compelling go-to-market strategy. The new plan earned the interest of consumers and the retail trade alike, and the EAGLE business was ready to spread its wings again. Today, Reserve (now Reserve Brands, Inc.) is experiencing rapid growth as it implements an aggressive, exciting strategy to further expand distribution and develop new products. For more information, go to www.enjoyeagle.com.